Montessori Philosophy 

The concept of a Montessori education allows the child to experience the joy of learning at an early age as well as preserving their spontaneity, initiative and curiosity. This concept promotes the development of independence concentration, and self-discipline. Montessori fosters love, respect for others and the environment. The Montessori experience provides the child with preparation for life.


The Classroom

DSC_0096 Our Montessori classroom is a child’s world, geared to the size, pace, and interest of children between 18 months and 3 and a half years old. It is designed to put the child at ease by giving her the freedom in an environment prepared with attractive materials. The materials are arranged on low shelves within easy reach of even the smallest child.

Teachers Role

unnamed As children work together in the classroom, Teresa gently guides in a manner which enhances their innate sense of independence, concentration, respect and kindness. She helps each child to develop their own joy of learning at a early age while preserving the spontaneity, initiative, and curiosity inherent in every child.

Why Mixed Ages

Having children from 18 months To 3 and a half years together Permits the younger children models For imitation and the older children An opportunity to reinforce their own Knowledge by helping and teaching the Younger ones.


“By the age of three,the child has already laid down the Foundations of his personality as a human being…”
- Dr. Maria Montessori

“The child can only develop by means of experience in his Environment.”
- Dr. Maria Montessori


  More About Our Program

  • School year program follows academic calendar
  • Work closely with parents to support a healthy separation experience
  • Open communication with individual families as well as Parent conferences and educational evenings are an essential part of the program
  • As the Montessori philosophy focuses on education for life, it is important to the child's development that there is consistency between home and school
  • Provide a beautifully prepared environment both inside the classroom and out in the garden that is a safe, orderly, nurturing and inviting for your child

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