Monthly Archives: October 2016


Fall has arrived! We have packed up our Garden environment and now have our new Farm, Autumn and Halloween environment. We have been learning about the change of season and encouraging the children to notice the cooler mornings and the dry colorful leaves. As Halloween and Thanksgiving approach, we will begin talking about new smells, tastes and textures of foods (pumpkins, gourds, eggplant, bell peppers, squash, etc.) Remember to expose your child to a wide variety of fall and winter foods. Some foods that they didn’t like the taste of several months ago, they may now be willing to try. Toddlers are fickle. The more frequent the exposure, the more likely they will be to try new foods, even food they previously snubbed. Encourage your child to identify some of the different fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. Your child has been learning the names of many new veggies at school.

**Halloween Celebration – In the interest of avoiding over-stimulation, we will not be having a formal Halloween celebration with costumes. Masks and costumes easily frighten some children. It is also difficult to play in the yard with a costume on and still keep it clean for Halloween night. We will have fun celebrating autumn and Halloween all month. If anyone would like to bring a special (not too sugary) Halloween snack for Halloween week, please let me know.

Here are some of the books we have been reading:
The Very Busy Spider
The Hungry Caterpillar
Quick As A Cricket
To Market, To market
The Grouchy Lady bug

Ask your child about caterpillars, cocoons and metamorphosis. Several of our older children can tell you all about the whole process. We have also been talking about what the scarecrow is for and why Farmer Brown made one for his farm. Ask your child about the crow and what he did to the pumpkins and the corn on Farmer Brown’s farm.

Birds and Insects –The children will also have fun learning the birdcalls of twelve different birds. They will be learning how to identify all twelve birds by their sounds. They are currently learning the sound of the Mockingbird, Northern Cardinal, barn owl, song sparrow, puffin (baby beluga’s friend), and the Blue Jay. Over the next few weeks we will hear from the American crow, woodpecker, robin, seagull, snowy owl, meadowlark, and the mallard duck. Encourage your child to listen to birds when they are outside. They have also been learning about many different kinds of fun insects including the bee, butterfly, caterpillar, praying mantis, grasshopper, snail, ladybug, centipede, tarantula, scorpion, walking stick, katydid, and many more.

Illness –Cold and flu season is approaching. Please be considerate of the other families at our school and keep your child home if he or she is coming down with a cold, has a fever, diarrhea, or generally is not feeling well. Please do not bring your child to school if they have had a fever or vomited within the previous 24 hours to the start of the school day. The first few days of a cold are the most contagious. Please be considerate of other families and do not send your child to school on the first day they wake up with a runny nose. Most of us don’t feel our best when we first come down with a cold or virus, and having to share our day with several children and a busy environment can be very taxing on small children.